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New Jersey & New York Based Minority Owned Business Development Organization

MTN Business Development (MTNBD) is a strategic partner of MTN Media Productions (MTNMP).  Together as partners MTNBD & MTNMP formulate a “Media Business Development Company."  This niche' combination allows a strategic focus on Biz Planning, Biz Administration, Biz Representation alongside Program Development, Writing & Producing and Media Content Creation. 

MTNBD provides Business Development Consultancy to organizations and individuals such as Entrepreneurs, Investors, Community Organizations & Public Officials and NJ Municipalities & NY Boroughs & Counties.  Also, NBA, NFL, & MLB players, Entertainers, and Influencers. This also includes Producers and Production Studios around the world to guide script writing for media production. 

This includes business development for development stage, start-up stage, growth stage, expansion stage, and maturity stage for venture capital.  MTNBD business development strategies focus on empowerment through cooperatives to drive value.  MTNBD promotes and implements risk management strategies to strengthen business models.


MTNBD experience is derived from quantitative modeling, business planning, valuations, business process improvements & risk management in venture capital combined experience 67+ years in the U.S. & Europe.  MTNBD creates business models to facilitate liquidity events for Start-ups, Crowd Funders, & Private Placement. 


MTNMP writes and produces business development content to drive entrepreneurs & investors in the marketplace.  MTNMP works with NBA, NFL, & MLB players, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and various Media Networks, Producers and Production Studios around the world. This includes script writing and incubator and accelerator program development. The organization collaborates and works with universities, public & private sector organizations, NGOs, film & television studios record companies, marketing & advertising companies, radio stations, & more to curate business development content.

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