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Business Development entails tasks, processes, programs, and systems to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations for entrepreneurs. Business Development is the creation of short-term and long-term value for an organization from customers, stakeholders, markets, and relationships. Business Development is activity by either a small or large organization, non-profit or for-profit enterprise which seeks to 'develop' the business towards its goals and objectives.
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MTN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (MTNBD) is a business incubator organization that helps startup companies, individual entrepreneurs, and organizations develop their businesses by providing a boutique set of business products and services such as  "biz planning, biz programming, and biz administration." This includes  business management & training, co-working & office space. 


MTN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (MTNBD) is a business accelerator organization that helps entrepreneurs scale  by offering, among other things, mentorship, capital, and connections to investors and strategic business partners. MTNBD Accelerator Programs are designed for select companies with promising investment packages and founders, as a way to rapidly scale growth.
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Business Incubation is the  process, wherein an individual or an organization supports the establishment and growth of a start-up in the development stage, start-up stage, growth stage, expansion stage, and maturity stage.

Business incubators see the opportunity, growth potential and weigh the opportunity before accelerating or supporting or helping to raise funds into any start-up. The selection and determination for funding a start-up involves a high level of research before any decision is taken to support or fund a start-up. The goal of incubation is to increase the success and viability of a business.

Everyone has an idea.  What separates ideas from business formation to execution of scale are effective tools, structure, and strategy to manage risk. Risk is either avoided, reduced, transferred, or accepted.  Have you classified the risk of your idea? This will help the entrepreneur carve a pathway to success.

Mis-management of business operations can result in, among other things, burning through cash rapidly and reducing the time value of your money. Business incubators help the start-ups to manage finances and operations and ensure proper utilization of the operating capital. 


Business acceleration are programs that gives developing and/or mature companies access to mentorship, investors tools, resources, and other support that help them become more stable, self-sufficient, viable businesses suitable for a growth scale strategy.

The goal is for companies to emerge ready to run on their own, with strong positioning and market entry point to claim a share of their target markets following participation in the program.

Checking the boxes of these finite points are essential to executing the growth scale strategy for the business.  The operational and financial burden is upon the business to demonstrate its short-term or long-term solvency as an organization.  What is your value proposition and is it sustainable?  The operational sustainability includes but is not limited  to people, processes, and systems.

If the entrepreneur, the team, and the business can demonstrate the requisite qualities, discipline, and value, they will increase their value proposition success ratio and get the proper and sufficient attention from customers, stakeholders, and investors. Business acceleration accelerates your goals and objectives.  
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Business Incubation
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